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Ginie Sayles, Best Selling Author and Relationship Expert, Reveals

The Truth About Why Men Cheat

Announcement: This Program is Being Re-Released In January 2015!

After 16 years of private consultations with men, best-selling author and speaker Ginie Sayles reveals the truth about why men cheat - and how to know what kind of man will be faithful to you forever.

Why Men Cheat
  How to spot monogamous men and avoid heartbreak

  Infidelity in men - where it really begins

  The reasons a man will risk divorce or a breakup for another woman

  Confessions from men about infidelity that you won't hear anywhere else

  What are the internal and external motivations that lead to cheating - even in the most faithful of men?

  Candid, real-life revelations from men on why they cheated - and why they remained faithful

  What can you do to you cheat-proof your relationships once and for all?  The surprising truth!

Ginie Sayles teachingAmerica's Foremost Consultant on Relationships Reveals The Underlying Causes of Infidelity In Men.

What Makes Men Cheat?
What Makes Men Faithful?

Discover A No-Holds-Barred Approach To Understanding Men.

Ginie Sayles is the best-selling author and former stockbroker who has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and Fortune magazine, and on CNN World News and "48 Hours" with Dan Rather, "Oprah," "The View," and numerous other television programs. She has been profiled in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the London Times, and more.  Ginie Sayles' teachings have received international acclaim.

Do you understand what makes a man cheat, and what makes him faithful?  Discovering what you don't know about why men cheat can turn your relationship around and cheatproof your romance.

    Why Men Cheat
    by Ginie Sayles

    This program is being re-released, January 2015!

    Why Men Cheat - Ginie Sayles


    Cheatproof your lovelife
    Ginie and Reed Sayles

How To Cheat Proof Your Love Life:
The Truth About Why Men Cheat

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Why Men Cheat - Find Out What Makes a Man Cheat

by Ginie Sayles, author of How to Marry the Rich